Cambridge Primary Fee Structure[Nishi-Kasai Branch]
One Time Fee
Admission Fee(One time)*  JPY         30,000(Waived off)*
Miscellaneous (Annual)*  JPY         10,000(Waived off)*
Books Fee (Annual)  JPY         As per Invoice
* Only for first 10 admissions and all GWIS kindergarten students, the Admission fees(one time), Miscellaneous fees(Annual) will be waived off during the entire course of Primary School at GWIS Primary campus.
Regular Primary School 9AM-2:30 PM
Fee Description Total
Monthly Tuition Fee(Primary School) **  JPY        60,000→55,000
Term 1 (Apr-Jul) 4 Months (including Term Discounts**)  JPY       220,000
Term 2* (Aug-Nov) 4 Months (including Term Discounts**)  JPY       220,000
Term 3 (Dec-Mar) 4 Months (including Term Discounts**)  JPY       220,000
Total Annual School Fee (including Annual Discounts***)  JPY       620,000
**Discount of 5,000 yen/Month (20,000 yen/term) will be applied on term-wise payments for all New Admissions before December 2024 at GWIS Primary campus.

*** Parents Paying Annually will get a total discount of 100,000 JPY/annum. *Full fee will be charged for Term 2 in Primary School.

Subject Tution  3PM-5:30PM (Monthly)
Fee Description Total
GWIS Students  JPY         12,000/hr/month
English, Science, Maths, Social Tution  JPY         15,000/hr/month
For subject tuition Parents can choose the subjects. These will be group classes with high individual attention. Each class will be of 50 mins each.
After-School Clubs  2:30 PM-5:30 PM (Monthly)
Fee Description Total
GWIS Students  JPY         12,000/hr/month
Other School students  JPY         15,000/hr/month
Below are the After School Clubs available :-


1.     English Reading/Writing Club1 (Creative reading and writing): For those who wants to improve on the English writing skills

2.     Japanese/Hindi Language Club2: For those who are looking to be more proficient in Japanese or Hindi.

3.     Olympiad Preparation Club 3: For those looking to put in a little extra for appearing in Olympiad exams (Maths and Science)

4.     Arts & Craft Club 4: For the little creative minds who needs to create little art forms with materials all around us.

5.     Sports Club 5 will be announced shortly.


1. Fee is inclusive of all the Taxes(if any).
2. Fees once paid will not be refunded. One month notice is required in case of leaving the Tution/After school Club.
3. After School Clubs/Subject Tution will be available after Regular School as an option. Additional fees will be charged.
4. Fees need to be paid through bank transfer. Parents are requested to bear the remittance charges.
5. For Transportation/Bus fee please check contact us at along with your location.
6. Injury insurance will be charged at JPY 800 / month as regular insurance does not covers injuries.