Ms. Deepika Sahni (Principal) – Funabori/Nishi Kasai

Ms. Deepika is from India and in Japan for 14 Years. She has a long experience of teaching kids in India and Japan. She is a licensed Teacher and hold Master’s Degree in Computer Science. She loves kids very much and has dedicated herself to the mission of giving quality international education to kids in Japan.


Ms. Sangeetha Hariraman (Primary Teacher)- Nishi Kasai

Ms. Sangeetha is an educator from India and is part of Primary Teachers team. She holds MSc.(Micro-Biology), M.Ed & PGD-Applied Bioinformatics and has many years of teaching experience in India, Australia and Japan. Her teaching subjects are Science and Maths. She can speak English, Malayalam, Hindi and Japanese.


Ms. Arpita Pathak (Primary Teacher)- Nishi Kasai

Ms. Arpita is an educator from India and is part of Primary Teachers team. She holds B.Techdegree and has many years of teaching experience in India. Her teaching subjects are English, ICT and Hindi. She can speak English, Hindi and Japanese.


Ms. Etsuko Yamaguchi (Japanese Teacher) – Funabori

Ms. Etsuko is a Bi-lingual native Teacher from Japan. She has over 13 years of rich experience in teaching Kindergartners in International Schools in Japan. She is a Licensed Japanese Teacher (Hoikushi). She also teaches Japanese language to Kindergarten & Primary School. She loves to be around kids and all the kids love her.


Ms. Ancy Antony (Kindergarten Teacher) – Nishi Kasai

Ms. Ancy is Kindergarten Teacher who takes care of K2/K3 class. She has completed her MCA. She has many years of teaching experience in various curriculums such as C.B.S.E & P.Y.P.


Ms. Cindy Holasca (Kindergartner Teacher) -Funabori

Ms. Cindy is from Philippines. She was one of the recipients of MEXT Scholarship and completed her education in Japanese studies from Meiji University. She has a rich experience of teaching English, Japanese and all Subjects to Kindergarten kids. She is very dedicated and hardworking teacher. She is very fond of kids and bonds very well with all the kids. Kids also love her very much.


Ms. Rupal Dhandia (Kindergarten Teacher) – Funabori 

Ms. Rupal is from India and she has 6 years of experience in teaching in International School in Japan and India. She is very meticulous and was awarded best Preschool Teacher Award previously. She teaches K1 students in GWIS.


Ms Khyati Bhargav Joshi (Kindergarten Teacher)

Ms. Khyati has good experience in childcare in Japan in international School. She has excellent interpersonal skills and command over English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati languages. She is responsible for K2 class.


Ms. Pooja (Kindergartner Teacher)

Ms. Pooja is from India. She has good experience with International Schools in Japan. Ms. Pooja (as preschoolers fondly calls her) is IB PYP trained teacher and take care of the Pre-school class.


Mr. Ranil Wijesinghe (PE Teacher & Assistant Staff)

Mr. Ranil is from Srilanka. He has competed his Diploma from Maritime Campus Srilanka. He has been working as Marine navigation officer for 8+ years. He loves cricket, soccer, badminton and other sports. At GWIS he takes care of PE activities for Primary School as well as school bus activities.


Mr. Yamamoto S (Tax Consultant & Advisor)

Mr. Yamamoto is part time Tax Consultant and advisor and been associated with GWIS for last many years.