Global Wisdom International School (Japan) Fee Structure
One Time Fee 
Admission Fee  JPY         30,000
Miscellaneous(Annual)*  JPY         10,000
*For Admission before 15th March 2021 Miscellaneous Fee will be waived off for 2021 academic session
Option 1- Regular School 9AM-2PM
Fee Description Total
Monthly Tuition Fee(Pre,K1,K2,K3)  JPY         55,000
Books & Material  JPY          5,000
Monthly Fee  Subtotal (has term Fee Discounts)  JPY         60,000
Term 1 (Apr-Jul) 4 Months (including Term Discounts)  JPY       220,000
Term 2 (Sep-Dec) 4 Months (including Term Discounts)  JPY       220,000
Term 3 (Jan-Mar) 3 Months (including Term Discounts)  JPY       165,000
Total Annual School Fee (Regular School)  JPY       605,000
*For Admission before 15th March 2021 monthly fees for Book, Material and Stationary Fee will be waived off for entire 2021 academic session (55,000 yen additional saving).
Option 2- Half Day School 9AM-12PM(Daily/Monthly)
Fee Description Total
Half Day School 9-12 (Daily Basis** including Material)   JPY         3,500
Half Day School 9-12 (Monthly Basis including Material)   JPY        45,000
**Parents have the option to choose number of days in a week for Half Day Daily basis School (Eg. Three days a week)
After School Program 2PM-6PM (Five Days a Week)
Fee Description Total
2:00 – 3:00 PM After School  JPY         15,000
2:00 – 4:00 PM After School  JPY         25,000
2:00 – 5:00 PM After School  JPY         35,000
2:00 – 6:00 PM After School  JPY         45,000
Per 30 Mins for Adhoc Extension  JPY             550
1. Fee is exclusive of Tax.
2. Fees once paid will not be refunded.
3. After School facility will be available after Regular School/Half-Day School as an option. Additional fees will be charged.
4. Fees need to be paid through bank transfer. Parents are requested to bear the remittance charges.
5. No Fees for the Month of August as will have Summer Vacations. (Summer School Program can be used at same fee for GWIS students- First Preference will be for GWIS students)
6. Days for the Regular and Half Day School can be selected as per Guardian`s preference.
7. For Transportation/Bus fee please check contact us at along with your location.
8. GWIS students are eligible to get a monthly government subsidy of ¥42,000(2 years age) & ¥37,000 yen(above 3 years age) as part of Free Education Policy(Mushoka or 無償化) of Japanese Govt.  Please check here for subsidy details and school visit. [PS: To get the subsidy parents needs to put in an application to your respective local ward or city office in Japan]