【Enrollment Process – Take a Free Trial Class of Bilingual School】

Step 1. Send email to info@globalwisdom.co, call or fill up an Online Contact Form(below) for Appointment/School Visit/Free Trial.

Step 2. School Visit the school to know check our Curriculum and daily routines. Fill the Application Form Global Wisdom Admission Form 2022-23(PDF) or collect it from the school.

Step 3. Payment for enrollment admission fees long with contract.

Step 4. Make the Payment as per the Invoice.

Step 5. School Joining

【Update about Free Education from Government of Japan】

Global Wisdom International School’s student are eligible for Govt Subsidy as part of Free Education(無償化) Policy of Government of Japan.

In order to be eligible for this govt subsidy(upto 42,000 Yen/Month) at Global Wisdom International School, you must apply at your local municipal office/ward office and your “Need for childcare” must be approved. In this case, proof of employment is also required. Other conditions are also there depending on the Ward and Age.

Below are the 3 forms that needs to be filled and submitted to ward office. Please collect the forms from Global Wisdom International School or your respective ward office.

1. 就労証明書(certificate that parents are working in a company). Needs to be signed by company seal. Mother who are looking for Job or on maternity leave can also apply.

2. 理由書 (reason why parents wants to use this International Nursery School) For Eg. Need for a Bilingual School, English Eduction, Maths Education, Montessori Education etc.

3. 施設等利用給付認定申請書 (application for subsidy): Actual Application form to be filled.

For Form and how to fill them and other details please contact at below:-

Email : info@globalwisdom.co

Contact : 050 5539 3339

Mobile : +81-80-7837-3230 (Ms. Deepika)

Please download admission form from below:-

Global Wisdom Admission Form 2022-23(PDF)