Curriculum & Methodology

We believe that children learn best in an active and vibrant environment, a place where children can get involved and do things for themselves. We are providing an environment of learning materials and experiences that can enhance intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of a child.
Our kindergarten curriculum is drawn and built upon Montessori method of education as well as drawn on different contemporary prevalent international preschool education systems around the world. The aim is to make the child independent and an active learner.

Early childhood is the foundation of successful life. The seeds of success and dynamic personalities are sown at this very stage. This is the age when kid’s grasping and learning power are the highest and most active. It is the most important and sensitive period where windows of opportunity should be provided for the growth of child.

Curriculum Methodology : Key Features

  • Activity Oriented
  • Based on Holistic Development of child
  • Provides stimulating environment for intellectual
  • Development of each and every child
  • Aims at developing fine motor and social skills
  • Developed on the belief that hands on experiences and play way methods lead to learning
  • Develop language skills
  • Hone Mathematical Skills
  • Opens the window of the scientific and social  world around
  • Develops aesthetic sense through art, dance and music
  • Extensive range of extra-curricular programs


Teaching Methodology

We are following an eclectic approach drawn and developed on the theories of different psychologists like Piaget, Vygotsky, Bruner where free and guided learning activities, inquiry and discovery, individual and group work etc. all kinds of activities are given an appropriate weightage in the curriculum.